The House

Established in the refined heart of London, the House of Dorotea Landi embodies in its exquisite creations ultimate luxury for her.

The rarest and most outstanding materials are meticulously selected and creatively combined into exceptional pieces that epitomise the finest Italian jewellery and leather goods.

Born as a high-end luxury leather goods House, icon of Dorotea Landi is the precious Sibilla Clutch, an unrivalled jem of the highest Italian craftmanships where extraordinary and unique exotic skins meet a magnificent diamond jewellery creation inspired by a contemporary and sophisticated classicism.

Result of an artistical selection of the highest materials and of a fully artisanal process, each Sibilla Clutch is numbered and part of an élite and exclusive collection released once a year by the House.

Combining its leather savoir-faire and its unparalleled jewellery taste, Dorotea Landi has also launched a distinctive luxury belts collection featuring a precious diamond buckle marked by striking and sophisticated geometric shapes, designed to brilliantly complement the look of the most special and notable events.

A constant research for innovative and unique combinations among diamonds and high-quality materials has finally led the House to the creation of a luxury line of eyewear featuring Dorotea Landi’s distinctive aesthetic and jewellery craftsmanship.

Designed for timeless allure, each Dorotea Landi creation is the utmost essence of the luxury accessory for the most remarkable occasions.