Corporate Social Responsibility

The House of Dorotea Landi takes great proud of its commitment in ensuring the highest ethical, environmental and social standards through its entire production cycle from the sourcing of raw material to the finished creation.


Each Dorotea Landi’s creation is made from fully certified raw materials ethically sourced and responsibly treated.
The House suppliers are designated among the highest renowned professionals who comply with the Brand’s responsibility and commitment standards regarding the full supply chain.


Dorotea Landi’s jewellery creations are made of gold provided by suppliers certified according to the RJC Code of Practices and Chain of Custody standards ensuring a transparent supply chain and an ethical and socially responsible sourcing.


All the diamonds featured in Dorotea Landi’s jewellery creations come from certified suppliers compliant with the Kimberly Process, a multilateral and international trade assessment established in 2003 which aims to fight the circulation and trade of conflict diamonds.
All our diamonds are fully certified and come from a transparent supply chain ensuring the House full adhesion to ethical and socially responsible standards regarding diamonds sourcing.


All Dorotea Landi leather suppliers are certified by LWG - Leather Working Group - for their traceability and production standards.


The House of Dorotea Landi is fully committed in ensuring an environmentally responsible supply chain in order to minimise the impact of its production on the planet.


Dorotea Landi’s jewellery creations feature recycled gold which is the result of industrial recycling processes, an essential step towards an increasingly sustainable jewellery.


The exotic leathers which compose Dorotea Landi’s accessories are responsibly sourced in compliance with the highest standards of animal welfare and species conservation.
The House’s renowned partner tanneries are located in Italy and have gained the most remarkable certifications regarding environmental performances related to tannery operations.